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Have an existing game at your event!

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Bada Mapping

To properly display BADABEAM games on buildings or intricate areas, it is required to do some videomapping. Thanks to a custom tool made in the same engine and included in the same program as the games themselves, we can apply geometric transformation to the content sent by the videoprojectors, in order to align the image perfectly on the projection surface. it also makes it possible to use several videoprojectors, to combine them in any possible way and seamlessly in order to obtain a larger game area.

Bada Level Editor

Another tool made for BADADEAM games is the level editor, which allows us to quickly create or edit the level in which the game takes place. In a few clicks we can add polygons and adjust their shape to the physical features of the projection surface. We can then customize them to change their appearance (color, outline, texture, etc) and behavior (stickiness, bounciness, collision reaction, etc). Future versions will include options to add different environmental interactive elements to the game level (ball, grass, rain, etc) for even more customization.