The Games


A commissioned game for an upcoming event: Cinekid in Amsterdam. Information will be added in the near future!


BADASNAK is our interpretation of the classic snake game, keeping elements as growing when you eat apples, but adding elements such as multiplayer, extra boundaries from walls or decorations and more! Join with your phone and beat your friends/enemies/frenemies!


Each player controls a ball which they can launch, stick or bounce against the windows of the building. They try to touch the goals before the other players, as many times as possible before the end of the timer.


The game is focused on playing together and on the co-creation of a fun and beautiful abstract painting (if you want to, you can also destroy each others work, or draw a dick). How does it work? Quick! Grab your phone and scan the 2 qr-codes to connect to the network and the game. Now you can control the “ball-of-paint” with your finger on your phone. It’s painting time, make your mama proud ( maybe this time, they will put your work of art on the fridge) :)