Upcoming: Cinekid 2023

At this event we will show our new game, SALABEAM! More information will be revealed soon!

Upcoming: Sterk anniversary 2023

More information will be revealed soon!


At CTRL ALT PLAY by Innovation:Lab of Theater Utrecht in May we showed a slightly altered version of BADAGOLF, now with horses! To fit the theme of the cathedral, where it was shown, we made it into a cathedral shape and added sticky horse gargoyles to make it easier to navigate through the level.


The BADABEAM game shown during A MAZE./Berlin 2023 (may 10—13) was BADAGOLF. Each player controls a ball which they can launch, stick or bounce against the windows of the building. They try to touch the goals before the other players, as many times as possible before the end of the timer. The game will be playable all night long from the big inner courtyard right outside Panke Culture!

Different Perspectives

At Different Perspectives we&aposve shown BADABALLBRUSH. Players can join the game at any time using their mobile phone to control a ball of paint which can change color and bounces around, leaving a colored trail behind them. Different Perspectives was open from 18-21 May 2023 and 24-28 May

Grounded Festival

The Grounded festival is a yearly festival done by the Community Grounded. The projection was done on a Fort outside, with the cracks in the bricks being the inspiration for the level.

Boulderhal Sterk anniversaries

The first event where we could show off the possibilities of BADABEAM, was the 9nth anniversary of boulderhal Sterk. The modules on the wall were perfect for designing a liminal level, and with this event being a success, we came back a second time for an event called Sterk Locals in their second boulderhal.